Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Weather in Review

A new year is upon us and ahead lies a whole year of opportunity and optimism of another great year of golf. 2016 was a rather good year for golf at Beavercreek Golf Club, as the number of rounds played were up. This certainly didn't come without its challenging weather conditions during the summer. Although the summer didn't come with scorching heat, the humidity and dew point remained elevated, making an average day seem a little extra sticky. During June and July, rain events came in large storms with prolonged dry stretches in between. While we are able to supplement water needs with our irrigation system, the disease pressure remained very high. During mid August, we received 4.52" of rain in a 7 day window all while the temperatures were in the upper 80s and lower 90s. If you ask any turf professional, they will tell you that these conditions are among some of the worst you can ever deal with. For a 10 day stretch, the turf staff was not able to mow many areas of the course because they were entirely too saturated, and turfgrass diseases were prolific in the untreated areas of the rough, wiping out almost all of the ryegrass population. Upon resuming maintenance activities, many areas were injured because of lingering wet spots and mechanical damage. Most of the damaged areas were able to recover during the fall, and by the start of the new golf season, turf conditions will be back to normal. There was not a single golf course in the Miami Valley that didn't deal with similar conditions on their course during that August stretch of weather. We all hope that 2017 brings a great year of weather and plenty of ideal opportunities to play golf.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Year in Pictures

It's hard to believe that 2016 is coming to an end. This past year was a relatively good year for rounds of golf played and course conditions. Like every year, we ran into a stretch of unfavorable weather. During the month of August, we received nearly 7" of rain, all while having an average daily high temperature of 85.6 degrees. When we reflect back on the season, it was filled with many great successes and memories of maintaining a beautiful piece of land. Below is a collection of photos captured on the course this past year.

Changing cups on a beautiful morning

Spectacular sunrise during greens aeration

Tree frog in the native area on hole 12

Late evening sun casting long shadows on hole 2

Hand watering greens in the early morning

Bright blue skies over hole 5

Operation Pollinator has been very successful at Beavercreek

The ponds between holes 2 and 3 are home to many turtles

Spike Rush provides a great filter along pond edges

Great sunrise over hole 10

A view down hole 1 from the tee

2016 was the 20th anniversary of Beavercreek Golf Club

Last sunrise of the summer 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016 Fall Update

The past several months have been very busy at Beavercreek Golf Club. Greens were aerated on August 24 and 25. The ideal weather conditions during and after aeration aided the staff in doing a great job and allowed for a quicker recover of the playing surfaces. Following greens aeration, the staff was able to transition into the last phase of the bunker renovation. The small greenside bunker on hole 8, fairway and greenside bunker on hole 14, and greenside bunker on hole 15 have been completely refurbished with new drainage and six inches of compacted bunker sand. The last bunker to renovate is the large greenside bunker on hole 8. This bunker will undergo major work as it is given a new shape, drainage, and sand. This bunker is currently over 4000 square feet in size, and will be roughly 1200 square feet when completed. When this bunker is completed in the coming weeks, it will mark the end of the project which was completed completely in-house over the last four years. All bunkers on the golf course received new drainage and sand, allowing them to perform better for the golfer and have become much easier to maintain for the staff.

In addition to the bunker renovation, the turf staff has been completing small projects on the golf course that have included landscape bed cleanup, irrigation repairs, and fairway aeration. Even as the weather begins to turn colder, the turf staff will remain very busy. Soon, the native areas will be mowed down, birdhouses will be cleaned, irrigation system shutdown, and tree removal will begin. Roughly 80 trees have been identified for removal, all of which are dead or in severe decline. These trees are predominantly Ash, along with a few cherry, elm, and locust. Fall is a wonderful time on the course for our staff because it allows for us to break away from routine maintenance and focus on improvement projects throughout the course.

Sunrise during greens aeration

Fairway aeration is underway!

Plate compacting the bunker sand ensures better playing conditions

A finished bunker on hole 8